Dra Laura Cubells Sánchez

Dermatologist and Esthetician trained at the General University Hospital of Valencia, with a Master’s Degree in advanced aesthetic and laser techniques from the Cardenal Herrera University. Founder of Cubells Clínica Dermatológica, and medical director of Alejandría, a medical and teaching center. She is a benchmark in cosmetic dermatology. In 2018, she was nominated for the Doctoralia awards, being among the 12 most valued dermatologists in the country. And in 2017 and 2018 she has obtained the certificate of Excellence, being among the 5% of the best valued professionals in all specialties in Spain.

Expert in complex aesthetic facial treatments such as: complete facial remodeling with hyaluronic acid, treatment of nasolabial folds, dark circles, lip and chin augmentation, masculinization of men through jaw definition, and eyelid and eyebrow lift using botulinum toxin.

Her maxim is to enhance the beauty of each patient naturally, and always first restoring health to the skin, that is, improving its tone and texture.

Her extensive experience in aesthetic dermatology leads her to successfully treat cases of medical complications after peelings, burns, or various scars. At the same time, she has a teaching and empathetic character that makes her connect very well with children and young adults, and with any patient who may be going through a bad time due to the alteration of their skin.

In addition to her healthcare activity, she dedicates part of her time to teaching as a professor in different master’s degrees from the University of Valencia, as well as in a degree and master’s degree from the Catholic University of Valencia.

Dra Sofía De Asís Cuestas

Dermatologist and Aesthetic Doctor trained at the Hospital Universitario Doctor Peset, with an International Master in Aesthetic Dermatology from the Alcala’s Univerity in Madrid.

She works as an assistant dermatologist at the Sagunto Hospital dealing with all types of skin pathologies, specializing in acne and rosacea.

With an extensive curriculum, she has completed up to 3 different degrees during her postgraduate studies. Her interest in surgery led her to obtain the titleof University Expert in Clinical-Surgical Dermatology, and her eagerness to fight cancer led her to study the Master’s Degree in Oncological Dermatology.

During the development of her specialty, she channeled her proactivity being a Vocal Representative of residents, and doing excellent work for which she received up to three different awards.

She is a perfectionist and meticulous, qualities thatescrow to all his works. especially enjoy performing comprehensive aesthetic approaches using hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin.

As a good doctor from Alexandria, she has special interest in teaching and research. She has been Associate Professor of Assistance at the Jaume I University of Castellón, and Teaching Collaborator in Dermatology for the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Castellón and Valencia. She is currently developing her thesis on Teledermatology.

In addition, she stands out for being an excellent scientific disseminator in the networks, being co-author of the dermatology blog Dermothèque.

Dra Sara Cubells Sánchez

Graduated in Medicine from the CEU Cardenal Herrera University with several Master’s degrees to highlight: University Master’s Degree in advanced aesthetic and laser techniques, and University Master’s Degree in Integrated Medicine. She has specialized in the comprehensive approach to blemishes, acne, and aesthetic treatments such as lasers and injectables. (botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid). She also has extensive experience in trichology and leads the capillary unit together with Dr. Elena Roche.

She understands medicine in an integral way and even more when it comes to her specialty, aesthetics. She is passionate about beauty, and studies each patient individually, seeking general harmony and paying attention to every detail.

With a sweet character, she is an active, restless, devoted and perfectionist person. From the beginning of his studies, she undertook international training in Costa Rica at the International University of the Americas (UIA, San José). Since then, she has been expanding her curriculum by participating in various National and International Congresses, while continuing to receive exhaustive dermatological training from the founder and director of Clínica Alejandría.

In addition, she has worked as an emergency doctor in continuous care and specialties at Hospital de Manises, having assisted in the pediatric area and feeling a special interest for the little ones. She is also an expert in adolescent care and its psychosocial sphere.

Dra Elena Roche Gamón

Dermatologist Specialist in Trichology and Hair Transplant Surgery with more than 12 years of experience in this field.

Her meticulous and methodical character means that she takes care of even the smallest detail in each hair transplant. Responsible for years of the Hair Transplant Unit of the Ricart Medical Institute (Quirón Valencia hospital group), carrying out more than 500 surgeries.

She studied at the University of Valencia, and trained in dermatology at the General Hospital of Valencia, obtaining first prize for the best resident in her class.

Nonconformist, her self-demand has led her to have a long training having attended more than 50 dermatology and venereology courses and more than 50 dermatological congresses nationally and internationally. She has obtained various awards in conference communications and scientific papers. In addition, she has participated as a researcher in various clinical trials. She finished her doctorate in dermatology and venereology in 2006 with an outstanding score.

She loves to share everything she has learned, she has participated as a teacher in various dermatology courses and workshops. She has presented more than 80 communications at national and international dermatology congresses and more than 80 publications in scientific journals and book chapters.

Dra Mª Teresa Rico Fernández

Medical Specialist in Dermatology trained at the General University Hospital of Valencia.
Expert in skin tumor pathology; surgical and non-surgical treatment, with excellent functional and aesthetic results; she has great affinity for skin diseases of the elderly. She had the privilege of working as an assistant in the Melanoma Unit of the General University Hospital of Valencia for two years. In addition, she has practiced her profession
as an assistant at the Obispo Polanco Hospital in Teruel and at the IMED Hospital in Valencia, dealing with complex, tumoral and inflammatory pathologies, with experience in the use of immunosuppressants and biological drugs. Her capacity for a comprehensive approach to the patient stands out, thanks to her previous training as a general practitioner in the surroundings of the city of Medellín, Colombia.

She discovered her dermatological vocation, already in his student years, at the Pontifical Bolivarian University of Medellín, where she graduated in Medicine in 2003. After
graduation, she practiced as a general practitioner, in rural and urban areas, for more than seven years. In this period of time, she consolidated herself as a professional of versatile and polyvalent medicine, highlighting her high resolution capacity in extreme situations.

As complementary training, she completed the Advanced Course in Aesthetic Medicine of the Colombian Scientific Association of Aesthetic Medicine (ACICME).

She has participated in various courses and congresses, highlighting the Dermoscopy Courses (Fundamental and Advanced) at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona; the Cutaneous Lymphomas Course
organized by the GELC of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) or the Intensive Course on Flaps in Reconstructive Surgery – Cadaver Dissection, of the Spanish Group of Dermato-Oncology and Surgery (GEDOC).

She has been a Teaching Collaborator in the specialty of Dermatology at the University of Valencia and in the Degree in Medicine at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University and the Catholic University of Valencia.

She is a person characterized by her warmth, empathy, eloquence and sense of humor.
All this generates a pleasant and trusting environment in the consultation.

Mª Jose Blanco

Nursing assistant and Senior technician in aesthetics with more than 8 years of experience in Clinics. Extensive training. Passionate about skin care and treatment, but above all about the well-being of the patient.

Arantxa Patiño

Laboratory technician and Nursing Assistant specialized in hair transplantation. She is kind, empathetic and meticulous. Her concern is that everything is perfect in each procedure.

Raquel Palomares

Aesthetic technician, nursing assistant, and administrative assistant with extensive experience in clinical and skin treatments.

She is energetic and cheerful, and she cares the most about the well-being and comfort of the patient from the first moment.
She likes to work in a team and contribute like the most.

Laura Moreno

Patient Care Manager

Irene Pérez

Patient Care

Marcela Martin

Patient Care

Valentina Chiecher

Patient Care