Hair loss: first of all we have to differentiate what type of pathology we are dealing with in order to improve it. Hair diagnosis is clinical and with trichoscopy. The treatment is carried out with the drugs with the best current scientific evidence and we can enhance the results with hair mesotherapy (small injections that provide the hair with the nutrients it needs).

Facial blemishes: the key to our success is medical diagnosis. There are many types of blemishes and they are not treated equally. Some will need medical treatment only, others will need to be removed with pulsed light (laser), or with a combination of several treatments.

Melasma: there are several types of melasma, so we need to diagnose it first to determine the best treatment. We usually combine medical treatment and peeling or pulsed light to keep this difficult spot under control. The role of medical cosmetics in melasma is fundamental.

Rosacea: Treatment of this skin disease consists of minimizing its triggers, treating it with medication, and atrophying the sebaceous gland. This last step is carried out with oral medication and we maintain it with prescribed medical cosmetics for each case. We can rely on biophoton therapy (Kleresca) to alleviate outbreaks and to improve the burning sensation, flushing or discomfort of the skin, or combine it with pulsed light to reduce visible “redness”.

Acne and scars: combined treatment with medicines, medical cosmetics and Kleresca or dermaroller (microneedling), to obtain a uniform skin texture. In case of very deep scars, a intense hydration with hyaluronic acid is recommended, which redensifies the skin and significantly improves its appearance.

Fungus: We treat all types of fungal infection, whether skin (Pityriasis versicolor), hair (ringworm) or nail (onychomycosis)

Acne in adults: specialists in acne in adult, much more frequent than it seems. Our goal is always that the patient can turn the page at once, and that they obtain healthy skin with a perfect aesthetic result.

Skin diagnosis and medical cosmetic routine: using the right cosmetics and the best brands will bring out the optimised version of the skin. To achieve that, the skin is evaluated completely in three areas: dermatological, medical and aesthetic. The cosmetics are totally personalized, taking into account the alterations and lifestyle of each patient.

Lumpy moles or wrongly called “warts”: we can remove intradermal nevus without stitches, using a gentle slice that leaves nearly any sign in your skin. We perform it quick and easily, using local anesthesia.

Vitiligo: although it is a difficult disease to control, we can achieve good results in some cases, especially those involving the face.

Plantar warts: very common in children and young adults, we remove them through several painless cryosurgery sessions. They can appear in hands too.

Skin rashes or eruptions: we are experts in diagnosing the most difficult and varied cases of undiagnosed dermatitis.

Psoriasis: treatment of all types of psoriasis, psoriasis in drops, plaque, scalp, nail, on the palm of the hand and inverted psoriasis.

Atopic dermatitis: specialists in treating atopic eczema from children to adults. We provide the parents or the patient the necessary tools to be able to face their disease in an autonomous and participative way.

Seborrheic dermatitis: we develop a personalized treatment plan making possible that each patient can treat their outbreaks without the need to visit a professional every time.

Moles inspection: we are characterized by our complete and exhaustive reviews of the entire skin, from head to toe. We use the image to control the most suspicious lesions.

Neck warts: removal of acrochordons without leaving a mark through a quick and simple technique.

Angiomas or ruby spots: removal by electrocoagulation.

Seborrheic keratoses: removal by cryotherapy or with a soft electrocoagulation.

Treatment of medical complications, burns, peelings and scars is done in our center. Each case is studied individually and the most appropriate treatment plan is established to reverse the preexisting’ damage.

Intimate discomfort: the dermatologist is the medical specialist that treat genitals area disease. Genital warts, condyloma, vulvar itching, lichen sclerosus and atrophic lichen are some of these. We treat every sexually transmitted diseases.

Altered nails: we diagnose the problem and suggest the most appropriate treatment.